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The Effect of immigration reform on Hispanic advocacy

Published 2011

Recent immigration reform has caused a controversy over the
implementation of proposed reform in the past two years. Arizona's attempt to
pass strict immigration reform triggered an outpouring of advocacy activity
among groups nationwide.

This movement is not the first time groups have mobilized against
immigration reform on both the federal and state levels. Texas is on the verge
of a significant state attempt to pass immigration reform, which has sparked
initial reactions similar to those seen in Arizona in 2010.

This study examines how Hispanic advocacy groups are responding to
these policy reforms. In the process I examine how these selected groups
explain these policies to the public, how their patterns of activities are altered,
and whether the reform is driving an increase in Hispanic community activism.
Using a semi-structured interview method I provide evidence that Hispanic advocacy groups see immigration reform in the state of Texas as an
opportunity to rally and combine forces, the opportunities to increase
membership is not clear. However, these groups believe that the political
opportunity provided by immigration reform will give them a platform to
increase their influence on policy-makers.

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